So.. we are one Therese and one Marie that started this neighbourhood corner café, where people often sit and work on their laptops all day long, regardless of the awful wifi and constant bustling noise typical to a busy cafe. At certain times of the day, the place looked more like a coworking space than a cafe, which led us to the idea of opening one.  

Additionally, we are both passionate about the need for positive alternatives to status quo, and active in the promotion of decentralised technologies and the research of legal, philosophical and economical alternatives to how we, humans, currently live. 

The Kasbah Hub is out and about to house all this, for our selves, our growing network of like minded people and everyone else who wants to take part.
As someone smart once said - we start where we are, we use what we have and we do what we

can - and we hope others will join us.

We are therefore accepting bitcoin as a payment method, and are working towards being able to accept other altcoins as well. 

folk insta-3.jpg

We are unfortunately closed again due to Covid.

We hope to be back again stronger.