All reservations are for up to two hours. For same day reservations, please call us on 21 94 90 99. 

If you are a big group (more than 8 people), we will get in touch to arrange preparations up front.

Bar action
Open mic concert night

CHECk our menu


To your local corner café in Alexander Kiellands plass in Oslo where you can hang out with friends, have a drink, eat healthy home made middle eastern food and relax.


Our speciality is hummus and falafel, both done from scratch in the traditional way of soaking dry chickpeas over night and grinding them the next morning with fresh herbs and ingredients.


We also host quiz nights, open mics, Meatless Monday offers in collaboration with NOAH and several other events.

Tahini cookie and coffee
Tasty homemade falafel plate


We are continuously putting a lot of effort into improving our kitchen and replacing as many products as possible with ecological options.

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We are unfortunately closed again due to Covid.

We hope to be back again stronger.